Western Herbal Medicine

Western herbal medicine is a form of the healing arts that draws from herbal traditions of Europe and the Americas, and that emphasizes the study and use of European and Native American herbs in the treatment and prevention of illness. 
Western herbal medicine has evolved mostly from the ancient Greeks and also has roots in the indigenous practices of the British Isles and ancient Roman traditions. Well-known historical physicians including Hippocrates and Galen are thought to have used herbal medicine in their practices. 
Western herbal remedies (like Traditional Chinese Herbal remedies) are used for various medical conditions that are involved in digestive, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, immune, skin (including allergies) and endocrine systems. 
Western herbal remedies in veterinary medicine are typically made from medicinal plants in a capsule with dried powder form or as simple standardized extracts, liquid extracts or tablet form. 
Its medicinal usages are well-documented thanks to a lot of medical researches that are still being conducted by many researchers. The western herbal remedies are also proven to be much safer to be used compared to conventional drugs. 
When experienced, and knowledgeable practitioners use it for your pet’s ailment, it can help restore your pet from their suffering medical conditions safely without any side effect. 

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